Portfolio-Translation-Mass Media

These are magazina articles I’ve translated for National Geographic Traveler Indonesia:

  • 20 Loka Untuk Disusuri Saat Ini (original title: 20 Places to See Now), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Maret 20143.
  • Gairah Baru Zagreb (original title: Zagreb’s New Zing), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Maret 2014.
  • Naga Itu Pun Membubung (original title: Vietnam Dragon Soars), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Maret 2014.
  • Sejatinya New Orleans  (original title: Lower District Garden, New Orleans), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Maret 2014.
  • Roda-roda Tangguh dari Swiss  (original title: Supercharged Swiss Wheels), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Maret 2014.
  • Menara Kaki Langit (original title: Over the Horizon), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, April 2014.
  • Sangkala Keemasan Baru di Johannesburg (original title: Johannesburg), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Mei 2014.
  • Hidangan Klasik Fez (original title: The Classic Dish of Fez), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Mei 2014.
  • Revolusi Industri Seattle (original title: Seattle’s Industrial Revolution), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Mei 2014.
  • Persinggahan Sempurna (original title: Perfect Flyover), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Mei 2014.
  • Denmark Modern (original title: Danish Modern), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Mei 2014.
  • Made in Italy (original title: Made in Italy), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juni 2014.
  • Sejatinya Tel Aviv (original title: Positively Tel Aviv),  National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juni 2014.
  • Mabuk Kepayang (original title: Under the Influence),  National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juni 2014.
  • Kesegaran Hawaii (original title: Hawaiian Punch), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juni 2014.
  • Indiana Jones Masa Kini (original title: Indiana Jones 2.0), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juni 2014.
  • Kroisan Sempurna di Paris (original title: Perfect Croissant in Paris), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juni 2014.
  • Aloha, Honolulu (original title: Aloha Honolulu), National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juli 2014.
  • Fajar Era Cahaya Baru, National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juli 2014.
  • Sesendok Kelezatan Italia, National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juli 2014. 
  • Zona Borscht, National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juli 2014.
  • Hidangan Mi Panas Ala Tokyo, National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juli 2014.
  • Ratu Rimba, National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, Juli 2014.

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