About Me


Hi, it’s nice to meet you! 😀

I’m Selviya and this is my e-home. This is where I record all the perks of being a translator who has myriad interests.

Translating and editing (Eng-Ind, Ind-Eng, Ind-Ind) are my bread and butter; I make a living from weaving words, communicating messages and so forth. And I do those things from the comfort of home, together with my comic-artist-husband.

I’m also an avid reader, and writing is my other flare. Several years ago I wrote many books and comics for children, with topics ranging from science, history, travel, to environment. I love to write product reviews and take part in writing/blogging competition as well.

However, I also love fancy acquiring new skills and try many hobbies. I’m interested in hydroponic/urban farming, do-it-yourself crafts, healthy baking and cooking, healthy lifestyle, food-combining diet, alternative medications, music & songwriting, travel & tourism, history, money management, and many more (the list is ever-expanding!).

And, whenever I can, I travel with my husband to places like museums, public libraries, botanical gardens, historical sites, nature conservancies, cultural sites, mountains, beaches, culinary spots, and many more. But we try our best to avoid malls!

Thus, please understand in advance that in this home, you’ll find many random things that don’t seem correlate with my job as translator and editor. 🙂

Happy reading, and enjoy the stories!


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